The first reason that Amazon is such a great way to get started earning massive amounts of money online is that they have more products to promote than any other Web site. In fact, Amazon itself claims that it has the “Largest Selection on Earth”. This means that no matter what niche someone wants to exploit or whatever interests someone may have, they will undoubtedly be able to find some great products on Amazon Affiliate Marketing to promote. This huge selection is great for another reason: Since there are so many products on Amazon, there is very little competition for many of them. The first person to write an article about a particular product might be the only person on the Internet who is promoting it, even though it is a hot seller on Amazon. This is hardly ever the case on other affiliate networks.

Another reason that Amazon is so great for promoting products is that new products are listed nearly every day. It is easy to become the only person who is promoting a product that has just been released, and it is just as simple to rank at the top of the major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo for searches for that product. One of the most powerful affiliate marketing tips for ranking high on the search engines and earning lots of commissions is to look ahead for the products that will be released within the next month and to begin promoting them ahead of time.

Another great aspect of affiliate marketing with Amazon that many people overlook is that the conversion rate can be ridiculously high. It is usually quite common to experience a conversion rate of above 10% for many of the products on Amazon. On other affiliate networks selling obscure products, you are lucky if you can get a 1% conversion rate. This tremendous conversion rate more than makes up for the lower commission percentage that many people love to complain about.

Finally, one last reason that selling on Amazon is so powerful is that people will purchase products that were never even promoted in the first place! Someone might be promoting ski jackets, and when the Web site visitor clicks through to Amazon he might remember that he wants to purchase a new laptop computer. This is the secret that most people who deride Amazon do not understand.

Although making money hand over fist with Amazon is pretty straightforward and easy, there are quite a few methods that are proven to work every single time. Without knowing these affiliate marketing tips, trying to achieve a passive income with Amazon could be extremely frustrating. However, if someone does know all the simple methods and techniques, then they can easy get up to making 3 figures a day with Amazon within a couple months.

The only way to learn how to make a passive income online is to seek out a business mentor.