Best VPS Hosting Services – VPS Servers In Pakistan

Hosting VPS in Pakistan is an excellent choice for all professional webmaster and business owners so they can have complete control over their website. Also, the freedom and flexibility of the resources of the VPS hosting. All of the benefits at low cost, the best bang for the buck.

WE offer the best VPS service in Pakistan. You will get full root SSH access. You will get unlimited hosting of domains. You can also install custom software and applications. If, you want you can also resell your hosting to someone else.

Searching for a best hosting company in Pakistan to host VPS, then you are at the right place.

Our VPS is lightning fast with a ton of features. We offer 24/7 customer support if you ever need it. Our services include the following amazing VPS packages with the most fantastic prices.

VPS Servers in Pakistan

Virtual Private Server Plan One

It is a good Package for beginners. The package includes the following features

  •    Number of CUP Cores = 2
  •    RAM for flawless work = 2GB
  •    Total Disk space = 25GB
  •    Bandwidth = 200GB
  •    Cost Rs.2500/ month

As you can see the package is excellent for those, who are new to VPS. And they do not need the heavy stuff just yet.

Virtual Private Server Plan Two

This package is for the average user who knows about their full needs and has a wise strategy to achieve their goals.

The Plan includes the following

  • Number of CPU Cores = 4, a quad-core processor for high-speed performance
  • RAM = 4GB, twice the RAM
  • HDD space in the server = 50GB
  • Bandwidth = 400GB
  • Cost Rs.4000/month

Virtual Private Server Plan Three

This package is for those website owners and business owners who are in the field and doing all like a champion.  This package is perfect and well balanced.

The package includes the following features

  • Number of CPU cores = 6 Hexa Core Processor for maximum speed and stability
  • RAM = 8GB, more RAM means more data loading with ease
  • HDD space on the server 100GB
  • Bandwidth is 600GB per month
  • Cost Rs.6500/month

Virtual Private Server Plan Four

The best package for professional business owners and webmasters. You will get flawless speed and performance with this package. Recommended for high-end users and Professionals.

The Beast package includes the following

  • Number of CPU Cores = 8, an octa-core processor under your command, speed and performance at its very best
  • RAM = 16GB, a bit of overkill but your tasks processing and multiple data loading will be perfect
  • HDD space on the server = 200GB, you won’t have to worry about space again because 200GB is more than enough
  • Bandwidth is 1000GB/month
  • The price of the package is Rs. 10,000/month

With us, you will have excellent control over the VPS environment along with the full technical support that we will offer.

The best VPS hosting services in Pakistan are only available at our doorstep, so step right in and avail yourself of the Best services