Best VPS Hosting Services – VPS Servers In Pakistan

Best VPS Hosting Services – VPS Servers In Pakistan

Hosting VPS in Pakistan is an excellent choice for all professional webmaster and business owners so they can have complete control over their website. Also, the freedom and flexibility of the resources of the VPS hosting. All of the benefits at low cost, the best bang for the buck.

WE offer the best VPS service in Pakistan. You will get full root SSH access. You will get unlimited hosting of domains. You can also install custom software and applications. If, you want you can also resell your hosting to someone else.

Searching for a best hosting company in Pakistan to host VPS, then you are at the right place.

Our VPS is lightning fast with a ton of features. We offer 24/7 customer support if you ever need it. Our services include the following amazing VPS packages with the most fantastic prices.

VPS Servers in Pakistan

Virtual Private Server Plan One

It is a good Package for beginners. The package includes the following features

  •    Number of CUP Cores = 2
  •    RAM for flawless work = 2GB
  •    Total Disk space = 25GB
  •    Bandwidth = 200GB
  •    Cost Rs.2500/ month

As you can see the package is excellent for those, who are new to VPS. And they do not need the heavy stuff just yet.

Virtual Private Server Plan Two

This package is for the average user who knows about their full needs and has a wise strategy to achieve their goals.

The Plan includes the following

  • Number of CPU Cores = 4, a quad-core processor for high-speed performance
  • RAM = 4GB, twice the RAM
  • HDD space in the server = 50GB
  • Bandwidth = 400GB
  • Cost Rs.4000/month

Virtual Private Server Plan Three

This package is for those website owners and business owners who are in the field and doing all like a champion.  This package is perfect and well balanced.

The package includes the following features

  • Number of CPU cores = 6 Hexa Core Processor for maximum speed and stability
  • RAM = 8GB, more RAM means more data loading with ease
  • HDD space on the server 100GB
  • Bandwidth is 600GB per month
  • Cost Rs.6500/month

Virtual Private Server Plan Four

The best package for professional business owners and webmasters. You will get flawless speed and performance with this package. Recommended for high-end users and Professionals.

The Beast package includes the following

  • Number of CPU Cores = 8, an octa-core processor under your command, speed and performance at its very best
  • RAM = 16GB, a bit of overkill but your tasks processing and multiple data loading will be perfect
  • HDD space on the server = 200GB, you won’t have to worry about space again because 200GB is more than enough
  • Bandwidth is 1000GB/month
  • The price of the package is Rs. 10,000/month

With us, you will have excellent control over the VPS environment along with the full technical support that we will offer.

The best VPS hosting services in Pakistan are only available at our doorstep, so step right in and avail yourself of the Best services


Unlimited Web Hosting In Pakistan

Looking for unlimited hosting in Pakistan, you just arrived at the best place and the best band for your buck. Host websites at your heart’s content with our best in Pakistan hosting services.

Your business will grow even more with the perks our hosting plans are offering. Our hosting services are at the top in Pakistan. The hosting platform we provide is professional and well managed for all of your websites.

Unlimited Web Hosting In Pakistan

You will get the best utilization of all of our plans for web hosting. All web hosting plans have cPanel, which is the number one and user-friendly control panel of web hosting.

We will support you all the way up to the end. With us, your data and all of your content are in good hands. The web hosting plans are in detail below:

  1.    Unlimited Basic Plan

It is a Great idea and an excellent choice for beginners. Start your website with the Unlimited basic plan and walk your way up to being a professional business owner. The basic plan includes the followings features

  • You will not have to worry about running out of space because we offer Unlimited Storage
  • Your website will be stable and faster with the amount of bandwidth we provide that is Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Everyone needs a domain; a domain hosting will be free
  • Email Accounts are necessary almost for everything online; Email accounts count is Unlimited
  • The databases are Unlimited
  • Domain Registration is Free
  • All for Rs.450 a Month
  1.    Unlimited Enhanced Plan

Your business is growing, and you need extra space in the Cybernet world, this plan is the best solution for you.

  • Storage is Unlimited, no need to worry about space exhaustion
  • Your website will be faster and more stable on Google with the unlimited Bandwidth per month
  • Domain hosting is unlimited now with this package
  • Email Accounts Unlimited
  • Databases Unlimited
  • Free registration of the domain
  • All of this in just Rs.600/month

Choose the package according to your need, but it never hurts to be extra careful and get something extra. You never know when you might require more space and all the things listed.

  1.    Unlimited Professional Plan

This Plan is for professional business owners. You don’t like slow speed, and you want full-time unlimited storage without any restriction and worries, then this plan will be your all-time friend.

The features and perks include in this scheme are as follows

  • Unlimited storage – we guarantee your satisfaction
  • Unlimited Bandwidth per Month – Speeding up your website
  • Limitless Domain Hosting – Host domains unlimitedly
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • Databases are unlimited
  • Domain registration is free
  • Free Dedicated IP address
  • Free SSL Certificate

It never hurts to think a mile ahead. If you feel the need of getting more than less, then go for more. A professionals business owners weakness will be its wrong judgment because in the Cyberworld anything can happen.

If your traffic increases and your website takes longer to load then, it will your loss so think thoroughly what plan are you going need.

How Amazon Affiliate Marketing Can Make You a Smashing Success

The first reason that Amazon is such a great way to get started earning massive amounts of money online is that they have more products to promote than any other Web site. In fact, Amazon itself claims that it has the “Largest Selection on Earth”. This means that no matter what niche someone wants to exploit or whatever interests someone may have, they will undoubtedly be able to find some great products on Amazon Affiliate Marketing to promote. This huge selection is great for another reason: Since there are so many products on Amazon, there is very little competition for many of them. The first person to write an article about a particular product might be the only person on the Internet who is promoting it, even though it is a hot seller on Amazon. This is hardly ever the case on other affiliate networks.

Another reason that Amazon is so great for promoting products is that new products are listed nearly every day. It is easy to become the only person who is promoting a product that has just been released, and it is just as simple to rank at the top of the major search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo for searches for that product. One of the most powerful affiliate marketing tips for ranking high on the search engines and earning lots of commissions is to look ahead for the products that will be released within the next month and to begin promoting them ahead of time.

Another great aspect of affiliate marketing with Amazon that many people overlook is that the conversion rate can be ridiculously high. It is usually quite common to experience a conversion rate of above 10% for many of the products on Amazon. On other affiliate networks selling obscure products, you are lucky if you can get a 1% conversion rate. This tremendous conversion rate more than makes up for the lower commission percentage that many people love to complain about.

Finally, one last reason that selling on Amazon is so powerful is that people will purchase products that were never even promoted in the first place! Someone might be promoting ski jackets, and when the Web site visitor clicks through to Amazon he might remember that he wants to purchase a new laptop computer. This is the secret that most people who deride Amazon do not understand.

Although making money hand over fist with Amazon is pretty straightforward and easy, there are quite a few methods that are proven to work every single time. Without knowing these affiliate marketing tips, trying to achieve a passive income with Amazon could be extremely frustrating. However, if someone does know all the simple methods and techniques, then they can easy get up to making 3 figures a day with Amazon within a couple months.

The only way to learn how to make a passive income online is to seek out a business mentor.

ITube APK Download for Android Tablets

In the past people used to save or download videos, music or favorite stuff using the cache files, this was a good for keeping MP3 music on your device, but later on the advancement and due to increase in technology news update are now here to assist you and entertain you.

The first app was PlayTube that people use to download it, but later on, PlayTube get replaced by iTube Pro, a fantastic app you all you guys out there who loves music, videos, etc.

This is a great fun app with many exciting and eye catching features and options, all these amazing tools make this app best among all and best for you to use during your vacations, free time or while doing any work, workouts almost anything you like and anywhere you want to.

So now with the help of the iTube app installing an app, you can easily download or install the iTube app for fun and enjoyment. Here in this article, I have mentioned a detail to guide you about its best function that you can use. The downloading process is very fast and quick.  You can also download iTube iPhone for your iOS devices enjoy this app on your iOS devices.


It only takes a little time, and you can have this app on your tablet free. This app allows you to listen to any song, to watch any video or stuff for free, you guys can also save those files or make your playlist for offline use, after collecting videos or music offline you can enjoy your saved material whenever you want.

Important Points to InstalliTube Install Version APK for Tablet

Technical Points: 

  • The new update is nowhere – 2.5v it contains more interesting and exciting functions to assist you.
  • The rating of the users is up to 4.3/5.
  • Its actual size of the package – APK is about 4.3MB.
  • It is very easy to Install and use.
  • It is a free app, and almost compatible for all devices.
  • Now you can also use a YouTube pro app specially for YouTube to listen to the Mp3 songs or any kind music free.
  • It also includes the cache option that provides you with easy ways to save mp3 music, from YouTube.
  • The iTube is not present in the App Store or Play Store; you need to install this app from any other sources from the internet.
  • The direct links are present on the web from where you can easily Install this culminating app.
  • To download this app on the tablet, you need to use the direct links.
  • By using such like and by following some simple steps you can easily download iTube on your tablet.


This was my article which has helped you to download YouuTube videos. I am sure you must have downloaded your favorite videos. If you have any queries or confusion left related to this article then share your articles with us.

If you have found this article helpful then don’t forget to share this article with others who might be looking for the same.

Want to get access to wifi network without password?

Accessing to the wifi without knowing the actual password is impossible. But it can also be made possible. And there are alternative ways which can actually bring in the wifi access without even knowing the password. The programmers are successful in breaking the wifi password and thus it is a large gift for the people who want to access the wifi without the password. And it is not an illegal thing to get the access, as it helps you in getting the legal trouble and get it solved by checking it by yourself. So now the question is how to hack wifi password?

Is it safe and legal?

Hacking of the wifi without the password can hear like it is an illegal work that is being used to get the free wifi in the area. But it one of the best way to get the legal troubles in your own network solved all by yourself if you how to hack wifi password. Though the process is not so complex or tough to follow yet a basic computer knowledge is required for it. Only the processes that are being instructed in the website have to be followed and the rest techniques will be handled by our programmers and their tricky programs.

Steps to follow the hacking process

Here are the short steps that are being described for the question how to hack the wifi password?

  • First the user has to enter the username of the network that they want to access.
  • Then the location or the city has to be entered.
  • There is a list of choices of the servers. Choose among them the server that you are using’
  • Whether you want to use a proxy server or not- choose the option
  • Then the process will be started on entering the process option.
  • The decryption algorithm is being processed. Wait for it
  • Then receive the decrypted password of the network and get the access.

Thus it is a very simple process of access to any network without even knowing the password. After getting the password you can easily log in the network and get to check the necessary thing in the network or any legal troubles of your network. Thus the online tool is very easy to handle and anyone with the basic computer knowledge and with a working internet can follow these steps without any issues. Thus get to know about the password and start your access.

System is safe on using the website

Now after it is known as how to hack wifi password, another thing that comes into the necessity to know is that whether it is safe to use or not? The online tool does not require any kind of downloads and thus there is no risk of virus attack or getting affected by any malware links. So the website is totally safe to use. These tool is capable of capable most of the system and is supported by any of the operating system. So the user can use it without any issue of the OS that they may be using.